Local Plan Policies Map
(Proposed Submission Version)

The purpose of this map is to illustrate how the proposed Local Plan Policies take effect on the ground, and where Allocated Development Sites are proposed.

Please read and follow the below instructions to get started:

  1. We recommend viewing the Local Plan and this Policies Map together.
  2. First, zoom in to your area of interest.
  3. The left-hand ‘Map Features’ menu contains subject areas which match the sections of the Local Plan. Click to expand these subject areas.
  4. Once expanded you may select a map layer from the left-hand panel. These layers explain which Local Plan Policy they are related to. Please be patient while different map layers load.
  5. Select an item of interest. Further information will appear on the screen.
  6. Select ‘show more’ to see additional information about each item.

The map may appear and function differently depending on the web browser or device type you are using. For assistance please contact planningpolicy@north-norfolk.gov.uk or 01263 516318.

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